What we did

Concept sprint  •  UX/UI design  •  prototype


We flew down to Jamaica for a one-day concept sprint with two goals for the bank:

  1. introduce them to using desig-thinking to quickly and thoroughly reimagine a process, and...
  2. help them reimagine how a customer could more easily receive a loan

In the days following the workshop, we created a prototype of a smartphone app in which an existing customer could receive a loan in two minutes (today it takes multiple days!).


Proactive outreach

The app pre-qualifies the customer for a loan and makes it easy for her to quickly fill out the application.

Personalization & Customization

The app allows her to easily customize her payments to what works best for her, and breaks down the loan into an easy-to-compare cost per day to help her gauge the difficulty of paying it off. 

Artificial Intelligence

When she has questions, the intelligent engine can help provide answers in an interactive format.