What we did

Storyboard  •  Design  •  Animation



Accelerating growth & innovation, New Ventures disrupts the traditional approach of the leading consulting firm McKinsey & Company. Recently, they published a new website to communicate the current strides and expansion of their diverse team. We helped them create a high impact hero video using key information, products, and visuals from their vast portfolio.



INITIAL Sketches

We began by working with the New Ventures team to develop a wide variety of concepts and approach to communicate their vision. These initial concepts above were selected and became the foundation for building the final product. 



Visual Design

Building on the conceptual foundation, we worked closely with New Ventures to design the end to end visuals of the video. We maintained to balance the breadth and depth of New Ventures' highly technical portfolio while also creating straightforward design that feels cohesive with their current brand language. 


mobile + ipad.jpg

Adaptable design

We designed the video to adapt to a myriad of screens. Desktop, Tablet, & Mobile