Insurance Self-Service is an online self-serve portal for auto insurance customers. Customers can see what vehicles are on their policy and replace a vehicle, without ever having to speak to an insurance agent.


For customers of our client, making any change to their auto insurance policy was a hassle: they could only call the company’s call center. But because the call center was so busy, customers would often hang up in frustration after waiting 30+ minutes in the queue. We were engaged to reimagine how customers could interact with their policies on their own time and without having to speak to an insurance agent if they didn’t want to. 


Interviews with clients, agents and executives revealed the following auto insurance pain points:

  • Customers cannot change anything on their account without calling the call center
  • Call center agents were overwhelmed with repetitive customer calls
  • The queue on the phone line was at least 30 minutes long at all hours of the day

Our Solution



The Progress Tracker toolbar gives the customer confidence that the process is digestible, that it won’t take them forever, and gives them transparency into how far along they are in the process

Automated verification

We built features into the experience that guarantee that the user will not have to speak to an insurance customer support agent unless they absolutely have to. One such feature is the VIN verification screen, where users must select their model from the list of possible car models that relate to their VIN number. 


The solution reacts to the customer’s inputs, recommending changes in coverage that are required based on their inputs, and providing the customer with clear explanations along the way so they are not confused at the end of the process. 


The customer has a centralized place where she can go to interact with and understand her policy.

Review & summary

Before finalizing anything, the customer can review to see how much her new insurance premium will be each month, the change in prices, and why it differs from what she was paying before.