Take presentations to the next level 

Using the Tiled MicroApp platform, we can help you create interactive presentations enhanced by smart technology

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No Code Needed

Work with us to create app-like presentations without any code, saving you time and resources.


Unify your message & your team

Once it's created, you can immediately publish your presentations to a library in the cloud, so your teams stay up to date with the latest content.



Engage your customers with media-rich experiences

Because Tiled presentations are always online you can talk to your audience where they are. Connect through synced presentations on desktop, tablet, or mobile


insights drive consensus & improve close Rates

With Tiled, you'll gain visibility into your customer's activity so you can improve your time to close.

When does it make sense?

Interactive presentations make sense for when you want to share information with users in an interactive way but don't want to have to get into the technical details of 

What are common next steps?

Reach out to us to try out a demo of Tiled and we can start a conversation around what content and presentations you'd like to see enhanced with the Tiled approach.