A trusted, unified and personalized digital front door where patients can easily find the most relevant care, estimate costs and schedule appointments, so they can confidently manage all their healthcare needs.

Patient Interviews

Patient Interviews

Journey Wall

Journey Wall

Scenario Sketching

Scenario Sketching


Our challenge

Patients today often have trouble finding the most relevant healthcare services for their needs. A multiplicity of digital and physical destinations amplify the confusion, and increase the time and effort it takes to manage their health. Limited guidance and clarity lead to wasted time and increased frustration. 

Our goal 

Co-design a centralized digital front door that helps patients quickly find healthcare services relevant to their specific needs. Regardless of insurance provider, patients will easily find physicians, schedule appointments, estimate costs and refill prescriptions so they can save time and confidently manage their healthcare. 


We supported our client in the following ways:

  • Interview patients, providers and executives
  • Research competitors and adjacent industries
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Persona and user journey mapping
  • Prototype build

Our Solution

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Symptom Checker

Allow patients to input their symptoms and view possible conditions from trusted sources, such as webMD, so they are better informed and can understand options on what to do next.


Schedule and confirm appointments all in one place. Results for healthcare settings, from physicians to urgent care facilities, are based on consumer needs, location and personal schedule, removing the inconvenience of making multiple calls for availability.

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Find Treatment

Providing the consumer with trusted information and options to help them choose the care that’s right for their needs, from visiting a nearby physician's office to a quick consultation over video conference.


After adding insurance information the patient can view accurate cost estimates and receive guidance that's personalized to their preferences.

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