What we did

UX/UI design  •  video  •  prototype  •  illustration  •  animation



McKinsey & Company, the world's leading consulting firm, recently debuted Digital McKinsey, an area of the company offering new ways of working with their clients to create value with digital technology. But with that came the challenge to explain within the company and externally to clients what exactly Digital McKinsey is and does. We redesigned the Digital McKinsey site that lives inside of the broader McKinsey & Company site, keeping lay-visitors in mind to explain simply and quickly to them how Digital McKinsey can work with them to achieve their goals. 



Homepage Teaser

Because the Digital McKinsey site lives inside of McKinsey & Company's site, we needed to get people to explore it. We designed a teaser banner that entices visitors to McKinsey's homepage to check out the newly redesigned Digital McKinsey microsite.



Background video

On the Digital McKinsey landing page, we created a short, looping background video that succinctly captures the firm's value proposition of "reinvention", showcasing how the world around us is constantly being reinvented.


Interactive Menu


We had the unique challenge to think about how we could organize the various types of work that McKinsey provides, in a format that helps visitors to the site understand more fully what Digital McKinsey offers. 

Our solution: bucket the information into sections based on how a visitor may need help. Each grouping has an indeterminate number of service lines, so we made the menu interactive so that a visitor could determine for herself what information she wanted to know more about. 



Creative direction for photography

We provided the creative direction for photoshoots in multiple locations, to provide additional imagery to represent the various roles and problem-solving methods in use at the company. 



Illustrations and Animated gifs

We used simple line illustration and animations to create variation in storytelling


IMpact in just the first two weeks of launch

216% increase

in page views to the "How We Help Clients" page

251% increase

in page views to the "Careers" page

20% increase

in the average page views per visit