What we did

UX/UI Design  •  Prototype  •  User Testing



McKinsey & Company's Alumni Center hadn't been updated in over 10 years. The site was outdated, wouldn't load properly on smartphones and tablets, and overall did not properly represent the global, modern institution it served. We were brought in to redesign the site, bringing it under McKinsey's online brand and updating McKinsey's online style guide when it did not have functionality that we needed for our new site.



INITIAL Sketches and "blue sky" thinking

We started the project using "blue sky" thinking, where we design without constraint, imaging what the best tool would be regardless of the difficulty to build it. We built a clickable prototype and used it to pitch the concept to the partners and decision-makers, who approved it, releasing us to move into the "detailed design" phase of the project.  



Robust search and filtering

We discovered that users had two distinct ways they wanted to find people or jobs within the site: either through a robust search where they search for exactly what they want, or by narrowing down by various pre-determined categories or filters until they found what they were looking for.

We designed our search and filter specifically for those two use-cases, giving users the flexibility to use one or both methods to easily


mobile + ipad.jpg

Adaptable design

We designed every screen so that no matter whether you were using a smartphone or large HD monitor, you could find everything you need intuitively and easily. 


Always-engaging profiles

We spent a lot of time optimizing profiles so they were engaging and easy to find information about whoever you were looking for. We found that many users had profiles that had incomplete information inside each of the various sections, so we had to make sure our design did not look broken when a user landed on profiles where the information was more scarce or disjointed.